Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angela's postcard from Atlanta

As mentioned in my previous post, my wife spent last week in America, and what follows is pictorial demonstration of what happens when a Gone With the Wind fanatic is left unsupervised in Atlanta for a day.
The Margaret Mitchell House sadly did not allow photography inside, but the nearby Gone With the Wind Museum, even more sadly, did.
This is, believe me, only the tiniest selection of the photos she took. Before they dragged her out of the place screaming, on the preposterous grounds that the staff needed to go home, she had exposed more frames of film than Selznick himself during the production of the actual movie. Luckily, tomorrow wasn't another day.

I love the mismatched dolls, and what looks like ice-cream tub lids with the cast's faces on them. I was also much amused by the exchange of memos between Cukor and Selznick on the casting of Ashley Wilkes. (Cukor: What are your feelings about Vincent Price? Selznick: I think we can do better.)

All very Ghost World

Angela outside the Margaret Mitchell House

She's here now and she's not moving

Italian version of the novel. Francamente mia cara, io non me ne frega niente... Giocherellare-dee-dee!... It just doesn't sound the same.

A teeny tiny Tara

Scarlett with English Accent! Which got me thinking...
I've always clung to the belief that Selznick should have stuck to casting Paulette Goddard as Scarlett rather than Vivien Leigh... I'm now inclined to shunt Viv down to third place.

Original costumes coming up? She's lost to us now. Go off and make a cup of tea or something. I'll meet you at the novelty tie-in chocolate wrappers.

At last! Photographic proof that the famous Rhett Beartler is not mythical but a genuine animal, albeit rarely glimpsed in the wild. It earned its unusual name on account of its penchant for wearing plum-coloured waistcoats and cravats.

This bizarre assortment of dolls (Rhett will have his hands full with the one on the right) brings our tour of the Gone With the Wind Museum to a close. But if you'd like to see approximately three thousand more images of the same kinds of things, just give Angela a call and she'll turn up at your place that evening with her slide projector.
She should just think herself lucky there's no Jaws Museum.