Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy century, Gloria!

On a day for celebrating American history, let us stop and salute the wondrous Gloria Stuart, one hundred years old today.
I have nothing more to say here than I did a year ago here, and I had nothing more to say there than I did here, the year before that (when I had quite a bit to say).
Suffice it to say that Gloria is, for me, the most vital and magical living link to thirties Hollywood, more poignant to me even than Joan and Olivia, though I'm hard pressed to really explain why...
... neither do I feel much of an obligation to.
I get the feeling that Gloria herself is not a particularly sentimental person, or one who dwells much on the past.
In that case I'll do it for her.
A very happy hundredth, Miss Stuart, from us all.