Monday, June 28, 2010

Movietone Cameos

I don't tend to publish short reviews of individual movies here at Movietone: I like rambling too much.
But over the years, I have written a good many shorter pieces for various books and magazines, and there is something to be said for succinctness.
I do enjoy the discipline of writing to a strict word limit, and as well as more considerate to the reader, it is a useful exercise to try to say as much as you can in as few words as possible.
So I decided there might be some merit in bringing them all together under one banner and, when I run out, perhaps even writing new ones.
Hence my new blog, Movietone Cameos.
At Cameos you'll find short appraisals of a variety of films (not that many yet but I'll update frequently), and also (not yet but soon) some short biographical sketches I originally prepared for the books 501 Movie Stars and 501 Movie Directors. (And as with the movie reviews, I may well add to these with new entries as time goes by.)
I'll also add reviews of the new films I see at the cinema, on the very rare occasions when I see any.
So do please come and visit!