Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back Soon

Movietone News is off on holiday, and as usual has left it too late to do its packing, and has to leave loads of things undone, including replies to a few emails... rest assured it will get back to you in a week and a bit... oh, and it's very sorry.
In the meantime, we'll leave you with a picture of Brenda Joyce.
When posh, pretty Maureen O'Sullivan announced she was hanging up her loincloths and giving up the role of Jane in the Tarzan series, men all over the world must have finally understood how all those women felt when Valentino died.
But then, just as they were reaching for the cut-throat razor, Brenda turned up, the sun came back out and the birds started singing again. Even Tarzan himself failed to notice the switch.
Plus she's in Pillow of Death (one of the great, great titles), Spider Woman Strikes Back and Abbott and Costello's Little Giant.
Brenda died on July 4th, aged 92.