Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Polls Closed! Thinking Caps Quiz Results

Here is the positively final results rundown for the thinking caps quiz:

1. Favourite Humphrey Bogart film in which he doesn't play a gangster or a private eye: To Have and Have Not
2. Favourite appearance by a star in drag: Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby
3. Favourite Laurel & Hardy film: Sons of the Desert
4. Favourite appearance by one star in a role strongly associated with another star: No winner
5. Thirties or forties star or stars you most think you'd like, but have yet to really get to know: Jessie Matthews
6. Favourite pre-Petrified Forest Bette Davis film: Of Human Bondage
7. Favourite post-Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford film: Johnny Guitar
8. Favourite film that ends with the main character's death: Tie: Waterloo Bridge and King Kong
9. Favourite Chaplin talkie: Monsieur Verdoux
10. Favourite British actor and actress: Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
11. Favourite post-1960 appearance by a 1930's star: Tie: Boris Karloff in Targets and Joan Blondell in Grease
12. Dietrich or Garbo?: Dietrich
13. Karloff or Lugosi?: Karloff
14. Chaplin or Keaton?: Keaton
15. Favourite star associated predominantly with the 1950's: Tie: James Dean and Montgomery Clift
16. Favourite Melvyn Douglas movie: Ninotchka
17. The box-office failure you most think should have been a success: It's a Wonderful Life
18. Favourite performance by an actor or actress playing drunk: James Stewart in The Philadelphia Story
19. Favourite last scene of any thirties movie: Tie: City Lights and King Kong
20. Favourite American non-comedy silent movie: Tie: Sunrise and The Big Parade
21. Favourite Jean Harlow performance: Dinner at 8
22. Favourite remake: No winner
23. Favourite Orson Welles performance in a film he did not direct, not including The Third Man: The Long Hot Summer
24. Favourite non-gangster or musical James Cagney film: One, Two, Three
25. Favourite Lubitsch movie: To Be Or Not To Be
26. Who would win in a fight: Miriam Hopkins or Barbara Stanwyck?: Barbara Stanwyck
27. The two stars you most regret never having appeared together: No winner
28. Favourite Lionel Barrymore performance: Tie: It's a Wonderful Life and You Can't Take It With You
29. Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard or Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour?: Lamour
30. Which one thirties film from each major studiowould you save from burning?
Paramount: Duck Soup
MGM: No winner
RKO: Top Hat
Columbia: Mr Smith Goes To Washington
Universal: Tie: Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein
Warners: Angels With Dirty Faces
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