Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 99th, Gloria Stuart!

The great Gloria Stuart, star of Roman Scandals, The Old Dark House and Gold Diggers of 1935, was 99 on July 4th, and while there's nothing much I can add beyond what I wrote here this time last year, I couldn't let the occasion pass without wishing many happy returns (albeit belatedly) to the world's most important living film star.
Sadly, Dorothy Layton, co-star of a number of Laurel and Hardy shorts, died just two days earlier at the age of 96. This means that, in addition to their many other accomplishments, Gloria and Mary Carlisle are now the last of the 1932 WAMPAS Baby Stars.
Alongside her many great movie credits, a poster on the IMDB listed the following reasons why Gloria should be treasured:
She remembers the way California used to look even before the 1st World War; the beaches were covered in sea weed and the trees were only a foot high. From 1918-1924 she practiced dancing and spent hours listening to gramophone records which were brand new at the time, loved to watch silent movies... was a bad girl at school, always dressing like a flapper, smoking and sneaking into nightclubs; graduated in 1927; did theatre work, then became a journalist; met a sculptor in 1929 and became a nude model, they later married; became an actress then toured the world in 1939 watching the different countries prepare for war... did more theatre work; 1950's and onwards became a painter and writer. She still acts and is in good health.
Here's to her hundredth!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Happy 99th Gloria!!

Wow what a fantastic life! She didn't write an autobiography yet did she? I'd love to read one!

Matthew Coniam said...

Yeah, she did, but I've never read it. It's called "I Just Kept Hoping" - check out the negative reviews on Amazon!


Happy birthday indeed - great to know she's still around.

Matthew Coniam said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gary - do come again! I've been enjoying your site - and I agree that Larry Talbot is the coolest cinema werewolf ever!

Radiation Cinema! said...

Matthew: Just look at that last photograph! Is that not the most soulful face you've ever seen!! remember - the eyes are the windows of the soul. Even in black and white, what beautiful peepers.

Great post as always. Matthew. And Happy Birthday, Gloria! -- Mykal

Classic Maiden said...

Hopes she'll get to be 100 years old :)