Friday, June 5, 2009

Eat like your idols 2: Vincent Price's crocodile

As all Vincent Price fans know, he was no mean cook.
Still, you have to wonder what he was thinking of when he came up with this. It's taken from his book Cooking Price Wise, and comes courtesy of Zelda Manners.
So here it is...
You will need:
1 cucumber
4 strips green pepper
olives/cherries/currants etc (for the eyes)
few blanched almonds
+ cocktail sticks
Split broad end of cucumber lengthwise for 2-3 inches to form the mouth and prop open with small cocktail sticks.
Press in a few pieces of blanched almonds for the teeth.
Arrange the eyes.
Shape strips of green pepper into legs and secure in place with cocktail sticks.
Quite what he envisages you doing with it after that I really wouldn't like to say. But it should look like this...
... and surely that's good enough all by itself.
Strange to imagine this great, great actor in his kitchen, alone perhaps, maybe chuckling to himself... as the idea first hits him to turn a cucumber into a crocodile.
For this, and for your performances in Laura, House of Wax, His Kind of Woman and Theatre of Blood, we salute thee, Vincent, where'er thy soul resides.