Friday, February 20, 2009

She kissed Bernard Bresslaw and died

A sad farewell to Dilys Laye, the charming comic actress who will be remembered by many of us for filling that most unlikely vacancy in world cinema: Bernard Bresslaw's love interest.
In Carry On Doctor and Camping, she plays small, charming girls who fall for that big goon, at her best as Anth in Camping, permanently travel-sick on the unwitting journey to what Sid and Bernie believe to be a nudist camp, and close to tears when taken to a nudie cutie movie as preparation.
The idea is to get her (and Sid's girlfriend Joan) to lose some of their inhibitions in a back to nature setting. So far, Bernie has only kissed Anth once, and, as Sid reminds him, she was sick. "That's because I'd been eating pickled onions," Bernie adds in his defence.
She's also great fun in Carry On Spying, in an untypically exotic role that she handles with equal aplomb, and which gives her the opportunity to say "stop messin' about" to Kenneth Williams.